How to Meet Colombian Girls in Colombia.

If you want to meet Colombian Girls in Colombia, besides the obvious advice that you should just look around, there are a few places you can do better than others. My favorite cities to meet Colombian girls are, in no particular order:

1. Medellín – Classically the hottest girls in Colombia. Most travelers will tell you to go to Medellín for beautiful Colombian girls. I found them to have a bit more attitude than the rest of the country, but there were a lot of good looking girls, especially if you like breast and butt implants. Yes, butt implants.

2. Bogotá – Probably my personal favorite. Girls here seemed to be much more receptive to foreigners. There’s one bar in particular where I know for a fact that Colombian girls go just to meet tourists. I don’t want to put the name here on the website, but if you shoot me an email, I’d be happy to tell you. Some people warned me that all the girls there are hookers, or that they would steal my wallet, but I dated four or five girls I met there, and they were all pretty cool. Furthermore, I made out with so many girls in that bar that my lifetime average was something like 1.5 per visit.

3. Bucaramanga – I personally never slept with any Colombian girls in Bucaramanga, though I did date one of them and kiss a few of them. For the most part, the girls are pretty wary of foreigners, though the town’s only hostel is a lively meetup spot where some of the hottest girls flock to at least flirt with gringos. I’m keeping this place on the list because though it’s a relatively small town, it has an incredible number of universities, which means there are a lot of 20-something Colombians. Even beyond the numbers, though, girls in Bucaramanga are hot.

4. Cali – I was traveling with a girl in Cali, so I didn’t get a chance to check out the scene there. However, I know from experience that the hottest girls in the country always seem to come from Cali. In fact, when I was living in Bogotá, I could spot the girls from Cali just by how hot they were. It’s not a tourist-friendly town, but certainly if you’re any good at salsa dancing, it would probably pay to go straight to the source.

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